Biomechanics Lab Analysis Helps Athletes Perfect their Form

Athletes are always looking for better ways to improve themselves, and the biomechanics lab from True 2 Form is the best resource to help these individuals perfect their form. True 2 Form’s biomechanics lab and sports medicine clinic in Kalamazoo uses advanced techniques and technology to measure and analyze the form of patients to help them adjust their form where needed.

Our professional team works with every athlete or active individual who wants to increase their efficiency when exercising and actively participating in their sport or activity of choice. No matter what you want to improve, our doctors will work with you to find the best solution.

Innovative analysis of form

True 2 Form uses all the latest and greatest technologies in our biomechanics lab analysis to ensure that we get a full picture of your form. Precise kinematic analysis of your form gives us pinpoint accuracy on how your form changes when you perform, and our motion capture technology follows every motion and can record them to see where areas for improvement might lie.

Using this information, our doctors can establish exercise patterns, practice routines, and more for the athlete to follow and work toward perfecting their form. This ability to identify your specific strengths and areas for improvement in an effective and accurate way is what sets True 2 Form apart.

The systems we use

True 2 Form utilizes Xsens motion capture with Motion Monitor analysis software. This combination of tools and software fuel our biomechanics lab and allow us to always monitor your form accurately. With a large amount of validation research and decades of experience, both Xsens motion capture and Motion Monitor are the perfect tools for our doctors to use to help our patients.

If you have never done a motion capture session for your exercise before, you will be amazed at the difference it can make it help your medical professionals to see the details in your form. Specifically designed to accurately measure the human body and its movement, True 2 Form will improve every part of your activity, whether for speed, balance, power, etc.

By performing accurate measurements in our biomechanics lab analysis, our doctors will help athletes take their performance to the next level. Whether you have gone through analysis before and are looking for more ways to improve, or you are a first-time visitor looking for a new method of increasing your athletic abilities, let True 2 Form be your guide toward better performance.

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