Free Running Workshop at Mitten Running Co.

Testing, Tracking and Training: 

Integrating sport science into YOUR training program

Dr. Deming and Garrett McLaughlin will be hosting a FREE running workshop and seminar at Mitten Running Co. in Portage, MI.  The workshop will start at 5:15 pm prior to the KAR hosted Wednesday evening run departing from the store at 6:00 pm. 

Come and learn:

  • What does a 3D running and biomechanics evaluation look like?
  • What kind of information can be collected?
  • How can the right experts utilize the data to maximize my training plan?


Mitten Running Co. 

6290 S. Westnedge Ave; Portage, MI 49002


[CLICK HERE] to sign-up – IT’S FREE!

(Drop-ins welcome, but it’s nice to have an idea)

About the experts:

Garrett McLaughlin Jon Deming 
  • Licensed athletic trainer
  • Personal trainer and running coach
  • Rehabilitation specialist
  • Certified active relief techniques (ART) provider


  • Doctor of podiatric medicine
  • Certified performance and sport scientist
  • Running biomechanics and sports medicine specialist
  • Founder of True 2 Form Sport Science Lab


Sports Performance Lab