Welcome WMU XC

I am excited next week to be welcoming runners from the Western Michigan University cross country team into the performance lab.  True 2 Form will be conducting trials on the most elite runners in the area to measure and track parameters that are crucial for both performance and injury prevention.

WMU will be in elite company when it comes to having Sport Scientist support in the world of NCAA athletics – not many universities can make that claim.  Some of the most prominent schools (Stanford, Texas A&M, Oregon come to mind) have set the trend with implementation of true Sport Science into their athletic development leading to superior levels of success.   Although we are in the early phases of the relationship, I am confident that the process will pay dividends in the success of our home town program.

The mission of True 2 Form is not just to cater to the elite.  We want Sport Science to be accessible to athletes and active people of all ages to help meet their respective goals, but what better way to learn than by studying from and working with the best?