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True 2 Form is a biomechanics lab and sports medicine clinic located near Kalamazoo, Michigan (Schoolcraft). Biomechanics is the science or study of force as it relates to the human body. Proper biomechanical evaluation can be utilized for several applications pertaining to any active person, and it can be of great benefit to all athletes. Our data can help identify and customize training specifically tailored to your needs which can help optimize your athletic performance and enhance the efficiency of your body’s movement. Studies show that up to 82% of runners at some point will experience injury caused by stress or improper training. Each individual has his/her own unique form which, if realized and perfected, can drastically prevent such injuries from occurring.

The biomechanics studio at True 2 Form is equipped with state-of-the-art technology not typically available to the public. This allows us to capture your movement data precisely and perform the most accurate and complete evaluations possible. Whether you are an athlete striving to reach the next level of performance, an active individual looking to reduce pain and unnatural stress when exercising, or injured and hoping to get back to peak performance, contact us to see what True 2 Form can do for you.

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