A Biomechanics Lab for Sports Performance

The Sports Performance Lab at True 2 Form is a biomechanics lab designed to help athletes perfect their form.  Our system features Xsens motion capture technology, force plate measurement and HD video analysis to provide the most accurate and precise evaluation on the market.  The system is integrated with Motion Monitor software for analysis to utilize the results in a variety of ways to improve your form, enhance your training and push your limits in a safe, focused and effective manner.

Biomechanic Analysis

Biomechanic analysis offers patients an effective way to improve their athletic abilities. Some of the reasons why patients choose True 2 Form for their analysis includes:

  • Precise kinematic analysis of your form
  • Cutting edge motion capture technology
  • Identification of strengths and opportunities for improvement

Speed Lab

Sport science is all about training smarter.  Our speed lab is specifically designed for this purpose. With it, runners can:

  • Obtain state-of-the-art 3D gait evaluation
  • Improve efficiency and speed with less effort
  • Run pain-free and avoid injury
Rehab and Recovery

Performance Training

The sports performance lab of True 2 Form can assist with performance training for athletes. By visiting our lab and going through the process with us, athletes can:

  • Perfect form through accurate analysis
  • Utilize data to improve performance
  • Effectively customize their training regimen

School of Run Package

An innovative program designed to maximize your running performance:

  • Precise and accurate running evaluation in the SPEED LAB
  • Customized report and program
  • 4 follow up sessions to attack your specific areas of need
  • Evaluation, analysis and performance training all with Dr. Deming, DPM and Certified Performance and Sport Scientist


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