Jon Deming, DPM; Your Biomechanics Specialist

I have spent the past twelve years of my life studying and mastering the biomechanics of the lower extremity. As a podiatric physician and surgeon, I am trained to evaluate and treat various injuries, disease and other pathology of the foot and ankle. Throughout my time in practice, I have developed a true passion for sports medicine and working with athletes and other active members of the community. My greatest professional pleasure comes from helping an individual return to sport or other activity at the same, if not higher, level than prior to their injury.

The prevalence of sports-related injury, especially among youth athletes, is rising to epidemic proportions. The more I study and learn, the more my philosophy has shifted from treating the injury toward identifying and treating the cause of these problems. Rather than being reactive, I want to be more proactive and prevent injuries through proper mechanics and training. Many of the stresses related to commons sports injuries are self-imposed and can be eliminated by correcting form and training more functionally. To do so takes a collaborative effort with health care professionals and doctors, coaches and trainers, and the athletes themselves.

By using state of the art technology combined with highly specialized training and passion for health and well-being, I can help make you faster, stronger, more efficient, more balanced, and more resilient (aka “injury-proof”) than ever. As an avid runner and athlete myself, I understand the mentality of wanting to push your body to the limits. Unfortunately, this mentality of quantity over quality of training is exactly what can lead to physical and mental burnout as well as over-use and stress injuries. This is exactly what has fueled my drive to spread the knowledge I have gained along the way as far and wide as possible to maximize everyone’s quality of life span. Our bodies were designed to move and perform in remarkable ways. Let’s move together!

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