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Combining sports medicine with sports performance, our team has years of experience helping athletes, coaches, those with active lifestyles, and more discover how they might improve their form, allowing them to reach their full potential. A precise biomechanics analysis, movement screening, form assessment and correction are some of the great reasons why our patients know that they can always depend on True 2 Form. Your physical health is important, and the solution to your problems is only a click away with True 2 Form.


FREE Consult

15 Minutes - $0

If this all sounds confusing and you are just not sure what to choose, simply give us a call or schedule a free consult.   We will help to determine what plan of care fits your needs the best with no obligation what-so-ever.

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Individual Evaluations

Quick Care Consult - $70

Sometimes you just need answers to the questions like: How serious is this?  Do I need to go to the ER or get X-rays?  Is it safe to play?  The quick care consult  can help save you time and often money by stream-lining your care and, in many cases, handling the situation right here at True2 Form.

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Basic evaluation – $175
  • With the basic eval we focus on a specific complaint – pain, injury, or area of concern.
  • Includes a comprehensive exam with personalized analysis of functional movement, strength, or gait specific to your concern.
  • A plan of action is formed to achieve your goals – whether pain relief, injury prevention or performance enhancement.

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Jump Evaluation – $149
  • Step into the performance lab for sport specific testing using force plate and video analysis get get vital stats on your performance, fatigue level, and injury awareness
  • Includes a customized report of the testing results
  • Best to be used with a coach, personal trainer or therapist to utilize the data to your fullest advantage.

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Biomechanics Package - $279
  • Functional movement testing with a detailed biomechanics evaluation to meet your sport specific needs – running form, balance, speed, mobility or power.
  • PLUS a follow-up session to review results and get practical recommendations.
  • Ideal for athletes who want an in-depth analysis and personalized training drills to help reach optimal performance and injury prevention

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Starter package - $660


  • This price includes the initial 3 treatments: research suggests a protocol of 3-6 treatments required to achieve therapeutic benefits for most injuries.
  • Each treatment takes about 15 minutes.
  • Scheduled 7-10 days apart from each other.

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Subsequent treatments (following the initial 3 sessions):

Follow-up patients:

  • Sold as needed following the initial round of three depending on progress and goals:
    • Single session = $180
    • Bundle of 3 = $500
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Sport Performance Training

Run/athlete performance
  • Individual sessions = $110
  • Bundle and save: 8 sessions = $750
  • Sessions are ~45min
  • Heavy focus on running form, biomechanics, proprioception, posture and core engagement.  Sport specific drills incorporated depending on specific goals or activity.

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T2F Elite Pitching - Building strong pitchers from the ground up
  • Elite pitching evaluations include biomechanics analysis, functional movement screening and focus on development of the full body to create power and consistency on the mound (Biomechanics Package – $279)
  • Small group/team rates available – use contact us link below or call for more details.

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Team Evaluations

Performance/Injury prevention

Take your team to a world class level.  True 2 Form can set up a customized series of sport specific, focused tests to obtain baseline findings that will maximize performance and prevent injury.

Personalized reports are provided including data on balance, coordination, range of motion, asymmetry, or other susceptibility to injury.

Prices are scaled by volume.

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