Next Level Volleyball – NLV Club

As a campus partner of The Dome Sports Center and Next Level Performance, True 2 Form is proud to offer an exclusive deal to give you the chance to experience Sport Science and keep your athlete healthy and strong.  Here is a description of what the plan includes:

1. Personalized jump evaluation and biomechanics evaluation – $249 value

The jump evaluation provides valuable insight regarding speed and strength as well as injury awareness metrics.  With our high-tech force plate data, we can help determine how an athlete is absorbing and loading forces and what type of compensation may be taking place inside the joints which can predispose you to injury.  The data can also be useful for recovery, return to play, and general fatigue of the body when monitored over time.

2.  50% off EPAT “Shockwave Therapy”

Shockwave is a highly effective, non-invasive and popular method for stimulating rapid healing of injured or damaged tissue.  Treatments are quick, easily performed in the office and require no down time.  It is clinically proven to reduce healing time and get you back to full activity faster and with less recurrence than other common therapies, including injections, prescription medications and surgery.

Learn more about Shockwave

3.  Immediate access to Dr. Deming! 

Getting in to see a physician when you need it fast can be very frustrating.  ER and urgent care visits can take hours and sometimes you still don’t end up getting the help you need.  If you join the NLV Club, you will have the ability to consult with Dr. Deming, a licensed and board certified podiatric physician, within 24 hours either in-person, by phone or virtually.  Sometimes all you need is some quick advice on what to do next.  In order to save you time, money and get the best line of treatment for your athlete, we are here as your first line of defense.

You can join the NLV Club and try it for either 6 months or 1 year.  If you join for a year, the enrollment fee will even be waived.  Plus, pay for the entire subscription in advance and receive a discount!


Questions: email or call 269-679-7777