Sports Medicine Meets Lower Extremity Pain Head On

Sports medicine is often the best solution to someone’s pain in lower extremities caused by their physical activity. Although staying active is important to staying healthy, it can sometimes cause pain due to improper form that could otherwise be avoided. Depending on how your form is harming you, there are a variety of conditions that may arise because of it. As a sports medicine clinic, True 2 Form helps athletes to identify these problem areas and learn the long-term solutions to helping those individuals stay active without causing harm to their body.

Analysis for targeted treatment

Rather than simply doing a basic analysis of the problem areas that your body is facing, True 2 Form uses thorough and detailed biomechanical analysis of your form to get a precise diagnostic of your body’s form and how it may be affecting the area. By doing this, our team can find the cause of your problems, allowing us to treat the problem at the source, rather than the symptoms. This can be especially useful to athletes, as it can allow them to train for longer and harder, without harming themselves in the process. Our sports-minded medicine and biomechanical analysis are used for a large variety of conditions of the lower extremities, so if you are facing pain in these areas, consider an analysis with us to get the targeted treatment you need.

Heal and improve your performance

Not only does our sports medicine treatment allow you to heal from the injuries or pain that you suffered from, but our thorough biomechanical analysis also gives us the information we need to help you perform better in the future. Rather than simply avoid injury for the future, you can also learn more about your performance as an athlete and how even the slightest changes may make a world of difference in your routines. By using our recommendations to reduce unnecessary strain and make slight adjustments to your performance, your athletics are sure to see an improvement.

By scheduling an appointment with True 2 Form, you can take the first step toward learning more about your lower extremity pain and the source of it. Our state-of-the-art biomechanics lab will take readings to help you learn where problem areas lie in your form, and our sports medicine doctors will teach you how changes to these problem areas can help you live a more comfortable and efficient athletic life. Contact us today to learn more!

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