Winter RPM Training

Latest offering in True 2 Form’s RPM training series.

Fall sport season came and went, and if you are determined to get faster by spring, improve performance, and recover from or prevent an injury from recurring – this is your chance!  The group sizes will be small to ensure that each athlete has the opportunity for personalized feedback and attention from licensed podiatric physician and sport scientist Dr. Deming who leads each class.  A heavy focus will be placed on proper running technique and how to improve speed and quickness through better form.  Additionally, we will improve strength and stability around the hips, knees and ankles to not only help develop a more efficient running stride but also reduce injuries.  These classes can benefit athletes of any kind where speed is a factor.  It is not your run of the mill, one-size fits all training class.


Athletes will work hard to improve in all aspects of speed.

Learn proper form and technique through fun, challenging and creative drills and personalized biomechanics feedback.

Improve strength, stability and proprioceptive coordination to help reduce injuries.

Classes will be physically challenging and test the athletes’ ability and endurance.

Advanced vs. Young RPM:

Keeping the groups separated by age/ability helps in many ways to train in the most efficient manner.  In general, the 4:30 session is intended for grades 6 and under but that is subject to your discretion as we all know kids mature at different rates.  Both the young and advanced groups have a mix of multi-sport athletes.  The strength and skills learned will certainly benefit any athlete whose primary goal is speed – whether it be track/xc, soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse, basketball, or even volleyball.

Flexible scheduling:

We understand that family schedules these days tend to be packed.  With that in mind, the RPM Winter Training program has flexible options to try and give all those interested the opportunity to join us.  However, keep in mind that much of what we teach requires practice and repetition to master just like any other athletic skill.  Consistency is the key to progress.  Classes will be small in size, and reserving your spot early will ensure that you don’t miss out on the chance to make the most of the program. 

Days: Tuesday & Thursday


  • 3:30 – 4:20 advanced group (grades 6+)
  • 4:30 – 5:20 young RPM program (grades 6-)


  • Session 1 – Nov 28 – Dec 21
  • Session 2 – Jan 9 – Feb 1
  • Session 3 – Feb 6 – Feb 29

Location: True 2 Form Sport Science Center (The Dome Sport Science Building; 12849 US-131; Schoolcraft, MI)


Below are the registration links to choose the plan that meets your needs:

One day & Young RPM options:

Starting Blocks1 session


Pace Setter – 2 sessions


Endurance Monster – all 3 sessions


Two day (Advanced only) options:

Fast Track 1 session


Pack Leader – 2 sessions


Ultra Beast – 3 sessions



*Time Trial –  one time drop-in rate. Give it a try and see if you have what it takes. 


*Must call or email in advance to ensure space is available.


Pre-registration is also available if you prefer to pay with cash or check, email to reserve your spot.